Welcome to AJF Laboratories

Experts in Foot and Lower Limb Conditions

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Welcome to AJF Laboratories

Experts in Foot and Lower Limb Conditions

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AJF Laboratories is pleased to introduce you to our unique, well established orthotic laboratory and gait analysis clinic.

Andrew Fisher is our senior partner and has been the driving force behind AJF Laboratories since its inception in 1986.He is fully committed and enthusiastic in the field of gait analysis and biomechanics and has worked in a range of settings including Bisham Abbey National Sports Centre, RAF Cosford Rehabilitation unit and as part of the Foot and Ankle Team at Spire Parkway Hospital Solihull.

Andrew constantly reviews clinical research into the efficiency of foot orthoses and has developed a range that has shown to resolve and/or improve many of the clinical lower limb conditions listed below.

  • Plantar Fasciitis (Heel pain)
  • Achilles Tendonitis(Pain or inflammation of the Achilles tendon)
  • Anterior Knee Pain Metatarsalgia (Pain and/or inflammation in the ball of the foot)
  • Piriformis Syndrome (Irritation of the sciatic nerve causing sciatic pain,low back pain and leg pain).

As well as providing a first rate service to other practitioners, his clinical knowledge comes to the forefront in the management of patients with a range of lower limb conditions, however complex.

Clinical Services

AJF Laboratories have the expertise to provide you with the most effective treatment for all types of foot and lower limb conditions.

How do we do this?

COVID-19 and Video Consultations

During previous lockdowns, video consultations have proved invaluable for patients. This FREE service is still available and includes

1.  An assessment of your symptoms
2. Diagnosis
3. A treatment plan

Please email or telephone AJF Labs to arrange a suitable appointment.

During the latest lockdown we are able to continue to offer face-face appointments at Alveley, following all COVID-19 guidelines. The consultation will include the above, as well as a full gait analysis, casting for prescription orthoses, fitting and review consultations.

Following your assessment, tests such as Ultrasound Scans, X-Rays and MRI Scans can be arranged if necessary.

Private Health Insurance companies, including BUPA, will usually cover the cost of consultation.

Conditions Diagram

Several conditions in the lower limb can be related to biomechanical dysfunction (i.e. poor posture of the foot and leg) and can be treated effectively through the use of orthoses (prescription insoles). By treating the causes of these conditions symptoms will resolve quicker, will be less likely to re-occur and you will be able to return to normal activities including sports. Click on the diagram opposite for more information about just a few of the conditions we commonly see.


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